Prevalence of Pediatric Decompensation with Fixed-Wing Emergency Flights

May 04, 2022

Medway medical flight team members will be presenting at the 18th Annual Neonatal and Pediatric AirBorne Transport Conference in Austin, Texas May 4-6. Every year hundreds of pediatric professionals come together to discuss the latest advances in neonatal and pediatric transport, share best practices, and collaborate on techniques to provide higher quality care in the air. Our clinicians will get the opportunity to interact with other teams from across the US, Canada, and around the world.

This year, our team has been selected to present their abstract Prevalence of Pediatric Decompensation with Fixed-Wing Emergency Flights”. By researching challenges our teams as well as others throughout the transport community face, we can better identify in-flight events  before they present. This research provides an opportunity to develop high quality interventions and training to ensure clinicians are equipped to manage “decompensation” events in flight. At the heart of our training program is quality research dedicated to the outcomes of our patients and those of our partnered facilities.

At Medway, our specialized neonatal and pediatric transport teams impact positive patient outcomes every day. To maintain this high level of critical care, we deliver best in class training for our teams through a combination of conference and in-person training. As part of the MedHealth Partners’s air ambulance family, Medway staffs experienced, well-trained transport teams across the care continuum, providing expert care on the ground and at 40,000 feet.


Below you can learn more about the conference and download the poster presentation abstract.

Poster Presentation Abstract – Download Here

Poster Presentation – Download Here

Learn More about the Conference Here