Medway Air Ambulance

Medway Air Ambulance has transported over 10,000 patients worldwide since 1987. Utilizing state of the art medical equipments, and the most experienced medical personnel available. No distance is too far, and no transport is too difficult for Medway Air Ambulance.

Medway Air Ambulance handles all arrangements for you. From obtaining Insurance approvals to arranging ground ambulance transports from hospital to airport and airport to hospital. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL.

The Medway Air Ambulance is available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether those needs are a commercial escort or an ICU transport. Our staff of experienced flight coordinators, medical personnel, and pilots are standing ready and ready to serve you.

Mark your calendars and set your television. Medway Air Ambulance will be featured this Sunday, June 22nd on Bloomberg TV with host Donald Trump Jr.! Airing at 6:30pm EDT...check this link to find your channel: Bloomberg TV

Additionally, the program will air on Bloomberg International at 0700GMT on the 21st, and at 3:00pm Hong Kong time on Bloomberg Asia Pacific also on the 21st...if you happen to be in those parts of the world.

If you can't tune in, the show will stream live from Bloomberg TV's website for viewing on mobile devices.

a preview of the segment:

European Aeromedical Institute


When my father became very ill and couldn't make the drive from Alabama to the hospital in Atlanta, we turned to Medway. With a single phone call Medway sprang into action and was airborne and on their way in less than two hours. Medway arranged transportation door to door with the most advanced equipment and the most skilled medical teams possible. The service, the caring and the technical medical care were all superb and flawless. On the ground and anxious, we were provided telephone updates at every stage of the process. Thanks to Medway's care, Dad arrived at the hospital in Atlanta in as good a condition as when he left Alabama.

Dealing with Rick Moore and the Medway team feels more like dealing with family than with a business. I hope I never need air ambulance services again, but if I do, I will only call Medway.

-Aug 12, 2013